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FORM RE is a strategic real estate partner working with
investors to reposition assets and develop new opportunities.

As partners, we assemble market leading teams to deliver high quality projects and returns that align with our clients' investment criteria. 


Our advice is built on in-depth market knowledge, data analytics and creative solutions.

Office environment

We create design-led sustainable spaces that stimulate collaboration, creativity and wellbeing for the occupier.   

Reflection in a skyscraper on a sunny day in London_edited.jpg

In an ever-changing business world, we understand what occupiers and communities demand from real estate and how to deliver it.

Change brings opportunity; but delivering value in today's market requires the implementation of forward thinking business plans underpinned by strong real estate fundamentals and expert advice.  

FORM RE recognises the importance of sustainability and its responsibility to manage environmental and social impacts of its business.

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